PayPal Will Soon End Partnership With Buy Me A Coffee

Distressful news for Medium writers who want to fund their work and get tips

Kristina God, MBA
6 min readDec 9, 2021
PayPal Will Soon End Partnership With Buy Me A Coffee. Buy me a coffee mug with PayPal logo and red cross in front of it.
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To give a writer who has provided you with an inspiring piece an extra amount of cash to thank them is lovely, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, Medium doesn’t offer a tip jar — yet.

Of course, Medium could re-think its membership program.

One future key feature could be a tip jar to thank our favorite writers.

A few months ago, I wrote a popular article about this topic, I started a petition and even reached out to Medium’s Support Team.

They answered, thanked me, and said they would forward it as a suggestion to Medium’s Product Manager team.

Medium is introducing all sorts of new features aimed at helping self-published writers.

I really hope this feature will be implemented soon.

Medium’s competitor, Vocal, offers already a tip feature for their creators.

You could say:

I have to wait and see what Medium will do next.

or (and that’s much better) say:

I don’t want to wait: I want to take action now and open a Buy Me A Coffee



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