New Writers, Why It’s Smart To Republish Your Content On Skillshare

You could make $475,000 in passive income

Kristina God, MBA
6 min readDec 1, 2021
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As you may know, I have an online course series running for new writers where I share online courses to level up their success on Medium.

My latest article is trending at the moment.

I will continue with my series but already wanted to share one interesting insight with you today that will open up your eyes for a new opportunity:

Have you ever considered joining or even hosting your own course on Skillshare — the ‘Netflix of the creative space’?

I wish more people knew about the opportunities that are out there and believed it is possible for them as well to generate an extra income online.

New writer Marouane Bembli who earned $43,086 passive income with Skillshare within 5 years



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