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Join This New Publication For Sharing Your Mental Health Stories And Helping Others
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A few weeks back I had a panic attack and I thought I must be dying.

I’m still alive but even now, as I’m writing this, my body is having a physical response.

It was awful.

Thank God (or Medium’s algorithm) Julia’s story popped up in my feed.

So the other day I was amazed when I saw that she has opened her own publication!

Julia is a new writer, clinical psychologist, and aspiring doctor.

She’s an expert.

Together with my student Kylie van Gelder — who owns an MSc in Psychology and is a certified Life Coach — she runs the new publication:

This Is My Psyche

Julia says:

(It) is a place where people are able to share their personal experiences, wins, and advice on mental illness.

So if you’re a writer…

  • who struggles/has struggled with mental health
  • wants to share how you deal with this in your own unique way…

this new publication is the perfect place for you.

Join the supportive community now!

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