Here’s What’s Holding You Back From Being Happy in 2021

Ask yourself these questions and feel happier in 2021

The adventure of life is calling you

But one day. There comes a moment.

What do I really, really want?

When the world holds its breath, there is room. Room for your burning questions. Maybe it starts like this:

Support from Silicon Valley

The good news is you’re not alone when you’re asking yourself: what do I really want?

The crisis has acted as a catalyst

In recent months, many companies have been forced to take a crash course in digitalization. Now, they’re transforming and picking up speed.

What’s your meaning of life?

Once the daily routine no longer exists, the possibilities are endless. Ask yourself — what is it that will bring me joy, what makes me want to get out of bed, what will make me whole as a human being and not just a robot?

When moving forward feels hard

So the Skype job interview with the other side of the world went well. You can work from home permanently.

Know your biggest obstacle

The working world of the future is not rigid. It is digital and individualistic. That’s a great opportunity.

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