Here are my 10 lessons learned in 10 months to help you jump to the next level. Yes, you can make money on Medium too!

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Recently, I answered this question on Quora:

Can you make money on Medium?

This uplifting and insightful story received several upvotes and shares.

That’s why I wanted to republish it on ILLUMINATION and even add exclusive insights for you, which I didn’t share on Quora.

Let me start by saying:


Right before my beloved grandpa died, he gave me $2,000 cash. Here’s what I did with it.

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One sunny day in fall 2018, my grandfather suddenly stopped during our walk.

With shaky hands, he pulled an envelope out of his pocket. ‘Inside is $2,000 for you,’ he said with the sly smile I loved so much about him. ‘You want to give me $2,000? Why?’ …

You may be thinking: Is that her real name?

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Aloha! I’m Kristina God.

Yes, it’s my real name! As an employee at Maui Airport stated, ‘apparently God is from Germany and she’s a woman.’😉

My life’s motto is: ‘In love with inspiring stories’💕, since my writing journey started early in my childhood. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I started writing short stories.

As an adult, I’ve fueled my creative hunger by studying journalism, comms, and marketing. I became a consultant, and later on, worked as a Brand Manager.

A few months ago, my husband recommended a Medium story. Immediately I fell in love with the inspiring community and I said to myself: Let’s give it a try.

Since I’m multi-passionate and play many roles, I write about parenting, love, life, & storytelling✍️.

Thanks for making my words a part of your day!

Most writers break these commonly missed rules — without knowing it.

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Many new writers have one thing in common.

They create unique stories that don’t have any chance of getting distributed and promoted by Medium.


⚠️Because their posts don’t follow Medium’s requirements for further distribution.

Sadly, these writers are breaking rules without knowing it.

Here’s good news:

Most of the issues that disqualify…

You can become a Curation Champion too with my handy Curation Checklist for 2021

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Each day, new writers join Medium. Each day tens of thousands of stories are published.

New writers wonder:

How can I stand out from the crowd?

The answer:

by being distributed

Distribution is one of the biggest buzz words in the community of Medium writers.

But what does it mean?

Kristina God

17x Top Writer | Editor of Online Writing 101 and The Shortform | Top 1,000 Writer on Medium | Blogger | Passionate Writer | Marketing Manager

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