Right before my beloved grandpa died, he gave me $2,000 cash. Here’s what I did with it.

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One sunny day in fall 2018, my grandfather suddenly stopped during our walk.

With shaky hands, he pulled an envelope out of his pocket. ‘Inside is $2,000 for you,’ he said with the sly smile I loved so much about him. ‘You want to give me $2,000? Why?’ I asked in surprise.

That’s when my 95-year old grandfather told me that he had kept those dollars for almost two decades.

He bought them for me shortly after the turn of the millennium. At that time, it was my greatest dream to cross the ocean and travel from Germany to America.

When I was 14 years old I had a dream

and how we saved it

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You know the drill: you go to university, find a job, get married, have children, and move into a nice house or a big apartment. And once you’ve achieved these goals, you have it all. Don’t you?

By the time we were in our mid-30s, my husband and I had reached all of these goals.

However, when we moved from our 80 m² apartment to a larger 160 m² apartment earlier this year, we quickly sensed new stress and conflict in our home.

Suddenly, there was something about our lifestyle that felt deeply, tragically wrong. …

7 rules for Medium writers to beat the game of online writing

From $0.17 To Around $700 Within 7 Months On Medium; Kristina God; Business photo created by jigsawstocker

I received my fourth cash bonus in a row and I’ll show you how you can boost your success on Medium too.

Over the past 7 months, I’ve written around 170 articles on Medium and accumulated more than 17k views on my work.

I started my writing journey at the end of December 2020 with 147 views and $0.17.

$$$— New rewards for creators on Medium, Twitter, Quora, and LinkedIn

Big Upgrades Will Be Happening in The Writers Community; Kristina God; Background photo created by

There’s one common question we’re obsessed with. It’s: ‘Where should I be writing online in order to be successful?’

What if an online writing pro and insider were to tell you: ‘The answer is simple. Anywhere. Because it’s the golden era of content creators. There are success stories on every platform.’

I was intrigued by a tweet from Nicolas Cole

As a committed writer eager to build my career online, I’m very interested in news about the online writing world. It’s well known that all social media platforms change like the weather, not just Medium.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a retweet by Tom Fenske, editor of…

You may be thinking: Is that her real name?

Photo by Medium author Kristina God

Aloha! I’m Kristina God.

Yes, it’s my real name! As an employee at Maui Airport stated, ‘apparently God is from Germany and she’s a woman.’😉

My life’s motto is: ‘In love with inspiring stories’💕, since my writing journey started early in my childhood. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I started writing short stories.

As an adult, I’ve fueled my creative hunger by studying journalism, comms, and marketing. I became a consultant, and later on, worked as a Brand Manager.

A few months ago, my husband recommended a Medium story. Immediately I fell in love with the inspiring community and I said to myself: Let’s give it a try.

Since I’m multi-passionate and play many roles, I write about parenting, love, life, & storytelling✍️.

Thanks for making my words a part of your day!

or just a fling

photo by Kristina God

At the moment I’m averaging 10k page views, which is awesome.

I started my online writing career with a WordPress blog.

My travel blog didn’t receive more than 1k views per month. I thought no one cares about my content.

Moreover, I was terrified of writing online. I wanted to write perfect articles and create perfect pictures. I put a lot of effort into Instagram where I had grown a decent follower base.

Here’s an example from my days as a travel blogger.

and train your writing muscle.

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You may know the superhero movie Doctor Strange.

Only when Strange masters to create portals he becomes a Master of the Mystic Arts.

A few days ago I took a course by one of my favorite Medium writers Tom Kuegler. He’s popular and has 57k followers on Medium.

One of my takeaways from the course was that we all start our writing journey as Doctor Strange. At first, you’re a newbie. You have no clue. You experiment and try different things. Then, suddenly you become a master.

Writing is a skill and anybody can be a writer. …

It welcomes new writers, too.

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Big pubs such as ‘The Ascent’ with 100k followers and many more are closing their doors.

You may wonder: ‘Is it a worrying time?’

I think it’s an evolution. It could spur the growth of small pubs such as ‘The Shortform’ which provides little pieces of information in only 150 words.

You’ve probably seen the hashtag #Writerslift all over Twitter.

How #Writerlift works

#WritersLift is used as a way to…

  • generate engagement
  • recommend articles or accounts to follow.

With this post, I want to promote ‘The Shortform’ by Tom Fenske where I hang out the most.

My friend Tom puts a lot of…

Medium is introducing all sorts of new features aimed at helping individual writers. Here’s one future key feature — a tip jar

Business vector created by pikisuperstar

One thing is for sure, big upgrades will be happening on Medium.

Within the last past few months, Medium already seems to be introducing all sorts of new features aimed at helping individual writers.

Still, one key feature is missing yet.

To tip means ‘to give someone who has provided you with a service an extra amount of money to thank them.’ Cambridge Dictionary

In one of his latest posts, my friend Burk announced the following:

To show that I care, I will start giving out money to my favorite writers.

Buying a virtual coffee, for example.

I’ve done that…

here’s the proof of why you should be grateful for the opportunities on this platform

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‘Views are down. Earnings are low. Only one person can win the Medium Writers Challenge. The rest shares the pennies…’

You may know these complaints only too well, do you?

Gratitude is the cure

For me, being grateful for the opportunities Medium offers us is key.

Instead of being angry and sad, be thankful for any views, earnings you get, and writing challenges you can participate in.

The cure to all your complaining is gratitude.

Keep on reading and let me show you why. Here are 3 examples.

#1 You don't need tons of views

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