…for instance, I tripled my earnings.

This Is What Happened When I Published 24 Articles In One Month; Kristina God; Woman photo created by rawpixel.com

Actually, I wanted to make a 30-Day-Challenge in April. But I failed, for instance, because of my Mother’s Block. LOL.

But finally, I managed to publish 24 articles and became one of the Top 1,000 writers on Medium. In my latest article, I shed a light on my first bonus month and took a closer look at the metrics.

‘The Shortform’ is one of the seven pubs I hung out the most in April. Nine articles were published in this pub. None of them were chosen for further distribution (CFFD) because Medium doesn’t promote short form articles. …

… apparently

His Happiness Lies In My Vagina; Kristina God; People photo created by yanalya

Yes, our sex lives as parents are different. With children in the house, the path to orgasm is full of obstacles. Yet, I’m convinced we all should be having more sexy time because it would help us to be more relaxed parents. Sex is a mood booster — even if we have to keep it quick and dirty and it only lasts a few seconds before the child wakes up again.

About hooking up, going to sleep and the wifely duty

Recently, I wrote a successful article about 24 things that keep parents from having sex.

My article about this taboo topic generated a lot of comments and there are…

If I can do it, you can do it too!

The Secret To My First $500 Bonus Month; Kristina God; Woman photo created by wayhomestudio

April was the month I got my first $500 bonus and I published 24 articles in one month. I have taken a closer look at the statistics, metrics, and stories in April and analyzed them.

April was the month I was surprised by Medium with my first bonus payment. Awesome, I thought. But what did I do differently this month? I wondered.

For instance, I tried to write and publish an article every day. For you, I have taken a closer look at the statistics and metrics of my 24 published stories in April.

I somehow failed my 30-Day Challenge

April 2021 had 30 days. Actually…


Is My Vagina Dictating Chores?; Kristina God; Flower photo created by Racool_studio

My husband does all the cooking. He does it better. That’s the reason he does the cooking and I’m very thankful for it.

But in the eyes of my monster-in-law, I’m the one supposed to cook and my husband is a ‘poor thing’ incapable of using a saucepan. He shouldn’t ‘cook’ in the kitchen but ‘man’ the BBQ.

Maybe I should stand up and say to her:

‘I see your point. We have the vagina. Therefore we do the cooking, cleaning and everything else. They have the penis so they work, earn the money, sometimes ‘assist’ us and take the…

You may be thinking: Is that her real name?

Photo by Medium author Kristina God

Aloha! I’m Kristina God.

Yes, it’s my real name! As an employee at Maui Airport stated, ‘apparently God is from Germany and she’s a woman.’😉

My life’s motto is: ‘In love with inspiring stories’💕, since my writing journey started early in my childhood. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I started writing short stories.

As an adult, I’ve fueled my creative hunger by studying journalism, comms, and marketing. I became a consultant, and later on, worked as a Brand Manager.

A few months ago, my husband recommended a Medium story. Immediately I fell in love with the inspiring community and I said to myself: Let’s give it a try.

Since I’m multi-passionate and play many roles, I write about parenting, love, life, & storytelling✍️.

Thanks for making my words a part of your day!

and thinking.

New Medium Prompts To Get You Writing; Kristina God; Woman photo created by cookie_studio

Jolie A. Doggett offers an inspiring new space on Medium. It’s called ‘Write Here’ where you can find weekly prompts. They are simple and spark your creativity.

As far as I’m concerned, I love the joy and catharsis of writing. Therefore, my life’s motto is: ‘In love with inspiring stories💖’ — as you can see from my profile page.

Share an article and help other writers.

Do You Know Medium’s Open Thread?; Kristina God; Network photo created by freepik

Recently, I wrote a short-form post about the importance of reading articles of other writers. It received more than 1k claps.

Well, Steven King already said:

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.

If you wonder what Top Writers on this platform do differently the answer is simple: they read. That’s great! By reading the work of others we’re constantly improving our own skills and get inspired.

That’s why Medium employee Harris Sockel asks in Hub Talk:

👉What’s the best story you’ve read on Medium…

Bonuses will continue one more time this summer.

July Cash Bonus FAQs; Kristina God; People photo created by ViDIstudio

It’s the summer of writing on Medium. There will be one last bonus wave in July.

Recently, I read an inspiring story by Justine Bushmeyer about her first month on Medium, and the $500 cash bonus!

It shows: Everything is possible! The most important thing is that you put pen to screen — and… you could get an extra cash bonus.

To put it in a nutshell:

  1. 👉be fully enrolled in the Partner Program

2. 👉publish two pieces this month to be eligible

3. 👉you get rewarded for ‘high member engagement’ = ‘member reads, claps, and follows.’ More information.

4. 👉There’s a tiered structure:

Top 1,000…

And live a nomadic life.

Would You Also Love To Make A Business From Your Passion?; Kristina God; People photo created by svetlanasokolova

The best stories are in the comment section, aren’t they?

When my fellow Medium friend Frank Larkin responded to my story about the win of the bonus, and the loss of a loved one, he told me:

I want to quit my job so bad that it actually hurts. My job is a soul-crusher (…) My goal is to have a freelance (Medium included) writing business started by then (the end of Jan 2022).

I am also working on an English degree from our local community college.

That’s awesome! Fingers and toes crossed!💖

In my story, I mentioned, that the…

… and leave your babies behind.

When You Cannot Spend Your Life With Your Babies Anymore; Kristina God; Business photo created by rawpixel.com

My friend had always wanted to wait and become a parent later. She wanted to pursue her career first. You should be able to plan to have children just like everything in life, she said.

It turned out, it couldn’t be planned. When she tried to become pregnant in her mid-30s, it didn’t work out. But shortly before her 40th birthday, the time had come.

Finally, she had all the dreams she thought she still wanted to come true, only to realize her dreams had changed along the way.

She felt miserable. She felt too old😔.

After two weeks, she…

Kristina God

2x Top Writer in Parenting and Feminism, One of the Top 2,000 Medium Writers, Passionate Storyteller & Expert Marketer. a wealth of Online Marketing knowledge

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