Why relating to other writers drives your success on Medium

I received the $500 bonus. Learn from my hands-on examples to take action and get relational — because success depends on how we interact with each other.

When we were children, we all learned to ‘treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.’ That’s the Golden Rule of relationships. But do you know how this principle applies to our social interactions on Medium to make it a more ‘relational’ platform?

Alongside a series of changes throughout the last several months toward a ‘more relational Medium’, Ev Williams and the creator’s hub of Medium announced in their latest email:

‘The new homepage feed on web is primarily driven by who you follow. …

About an unceasing and tragic family lament next door

Early on in the pandemic last spring, our next-door neighbor told me in the hallway that she thought she and her husband were either going to divorce or become alcoholics. My neighbor is a mom of two. She has two daughters. One was about two years old at that time. The big one was six. A school-age child and a very young child who went to the crèche.

Four people in a small apartment

It had just been announced in the media that children were a particularly high risk and could be asymptomatic carriers of the virus. It was recommended to refrain from contact with grandparents…

The first flower shop that sells bouquets at prices that represent what moms are truly worth.

‘Marshall Plan for Moms’ initiator and CEO of ‘Girls Who Code’, Reshma Saujani, has opened a flower store that you should definitely visit. It’s called ‘Moms Deserve More’. The prices are funny, but the point is very serious.

Why I sent my mom friend a big bouquet of flowers

A few days ago, a mom friend called me after a long time. She has two children: one in elementary school age and one a teenager. Well, actually she has three children. Her husband is still one too, she said jokingly. But I heard a sad undertone and inquired how she had been doing with her ‘three’ children since the outbreak of…

Reflections from a Covid-survivor towards the opposite of FOMO

We’re all familiar with the concept of FOMO — the Fear of Missing Out. But what about its opposite — the Joy of Missing Out?

As it turns out, I’ve been practising JOMO behaviour for over a year without knowing it, and it’s good for my mind.

As Corona came to dominate the media, I was reminded of a German self-help book I bought years ago with the hope of clearing my mind. It reminded me of the tip to consume as little news as possible, to reduce social media consumption, and to put the smartphone aside. …

You may be thinking: Is that her real name?

Aloha! I’m Kristina God.

Yes, it’s my real name! As an employee at Maui Airport stated, ‘apparently God is from Germany and she’s a woman.’😉

My life’s motto is: ‘In love with inspiring stories’💕, since my writing journey started early in my childhood. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I started writing short stories.

As an adult, I’ve fueled my creative hunger by studying journalism, comms, and marketing. I became a consultant, and later on, worked as a Brand Manager.

A few months ago, my husband recommended a Medium story. Immediately I fell in love with the inspiring community and I said to myself: Let’s give it a try.

Since I’m multi-passionate and play many roles, I write about parenting, love, life, & storytelling✍️.

Thanks for making my words a part of your day!

… even if it turns out to be garbage.

I love the quote from CNN anchor Jake Tapper in ‘The Wall Street Journal’ on his process for writing his second novel in the middle of the pandemic. A thriller called ‘The Devil May Dance.’

‘I write every day. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes. If you write 15 minutes a day for a week it adds up… The 15 minutes a day rule really works, even if it turns out to be garbage, it takes you somewhere.’ Jake Tapper

Everything we do should be built around taking micro-steps that are too small to fail and together add up to something big. Like writing a novel or building an online community on Medium.

Therefore, instead of ‘languishing,’ start ‘flourishing’ and thriving. It’s about moving and enjoying the process.

Best, Kristina God

Can’t get on with my day without it!

There’s no better reward than when your child gets big enough to bring you your coffee in the morning and even sets the coffee maker up in the evening. But we have a baby at home… work in progress.

For my husband, drinking coffee first thing in the morning is self-love. He says, as a father, you live in a permanent crunch time. The experience of drinking a heavenly-quality coffee while it’s hot is THE experience☕.

Yes, a huge caffeine-boost can be a real life-saver for half-awake parents. Oftentimes my husband finds…

The cracks that weren’t visible beforehand have now opened up.

Do you find yourself confined and overwhelmed too?

The pandemic has been disruptive. Families have found themselves in abnormal circumstances.

  • Being stuck in their apartments/houses, which puts strain on anyone.
  • Adjusting to living every day with a usually absent spouse.
  • Parenting all day — every day.

Parenting 24/7 is significantly different from a morning and evening routine with just mom or with a fun weekend with both parents.

In many marriages, the cracks that weren’t visible beforehand have now opened up and repairs may be necessary to prevent complete collapse. But too many choose to ignore these cracks💔.

Many believe…

You’re doing a magnificent job and your work is priceless.

Today I want to say Thank You to all Medium Moms. I hope you received a wonderful bouquet of flowers or another Mother’s Day gift.

I hereby send you a virtual bouquet💐 in order to show you my female solidarity. You’re doing a magnificent job.

I’ve written an article about the ‘Marshall Plan for Moms’ and the ‘Moms Deserve More’ flower store with funny prices, for instance ‘The Pay Gap Bouquet for only $15,000’

But the point is very serious. Please check it out!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms — both here on earth and up in heaven 🙏🏼…

#4 We need to be reanimated.

With the words, ‘Where’s my coffee?!’ my husband stumbles out of bed first thing in the morning, sneaks out of the bedroom, and wanders into the kitchen. Since the birth of our son, he has turned into a coffee zombie, addicted to caffeine. He says parenting is a lot easier when holding a cup of really strong coffee in your hands. For him, becoming a father isn’t just about learning to change a poopy diaper, it’s also about making really strong coffee. Therefore, he has been perfecting his at-home coffee barista game all year: in the evening he pre-programs the…

Kristina God

Top Writer in Parenting 👶, Passionate Storyteller & experienced Full-Stack Marketer by profession, Inspiring Writer at heart 💕, Multi-passionate Mother

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