It’s a new alternative to Medium, and you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

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On Quora, there is one common question (potential) creators seem to be obsessed about:

WHERE should I be writing online to be successful?

One of my favorite online writers, Nicolas Cole, once said:

ANYWHERE. There are success stories on every platform.

In fact, many online writers and Top Writers on…

Everyone is looking for an easy fast buck, am I right?

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I love all those articles claiming they make thousands by only publishing a few times per month.

The writers must think we are all stupid or something.

I guarantee you that their one article per week was not earning $2,000 per month in the beginning.

For sure, there are some…

You could make $475,000 in passive income

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As you may know, I have an online course series running for new writers where I share online courses to level up their success on Medium.

My latest article is trending at the moment.

I will continue with my series but already wanted to share one interesting insight with you…

You may be thinking: Is that her real name?

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Aloha! I’m Kristina God.

Yes, it’s my real name! As an employee at Maui Airport stated, ‘apparently God is from Germany and she’s a woman.’😉

My life’s motto is: ‘In love with inspiring stories’💕, since my writing journey started early in my childhood. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I started writing short stories.

As an adult, I’ve fueled my creative hunger by studying journalism, comms, and marketing. I became a consultant, and later on, worked as a Brand Manager.

A few months ago, my husband recommended a Medium story. Immediately I fell in love with the inspiring community and I said to myself: Let’s give it a try.

Since I’m multi-passionate and play many roles, I write about parenting, love, life, & storytelling✍️.

Thanks for making my words a part of your day!

Today may be your lucky day!

Best of the best.
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During the last past week, new as well as aspiring writers had the possibility to apply for a life-changing sponsorship.

Last weekend, Robert Ralph surprised the community with a generous offer.

He decided to “sponsor” one lucky winner to attend my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp in February 2022 at no…

If you want to get featured write about the thing you’ve been resisting

Break the silence and get featured by Medium
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Last week, a really great thing happened to one of my coachees on Medium.

Jeffrey Kassarticle about Martin Luther King was handpicked by Medium’s editors and featured in The Edition.

The Edition is Medium’s newsletter that goes out to 160 million Medium members:

How to get featured by Medium’s editors

Besides curation, you can also…

Kristina God

I help New Writers become Top Writers & earn decent money by writing about what they Love | Top 1,000 Writer | 17x Top Writer | Marketer |

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